NZ Topo50 – Overview

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This app is based on a simple concept: Bundle up the beautiful 1:50k topographic map crafted by NZ’s Land Information Service and combine it with comprehensive and intuitive app based navigational tools to make it a versatile outdoor navigation tool.

Key features:

  • Fully offline access to the entire map. No signups, no subscriptions, no need to pre-download or cache maps, no waiting for downloads from slow servers, just seamless offline pan and zoom across the whole country. The entire map is included when you install from your App Store.
  • Designed for functionality. No compromise to accommodate commercial goals – purely designed for functionality. Send in any design or feature requests that you have as well and we’ll accommodate them where possible.
  • True NZ grid. Built from the ground up using the NZ map datum (NZGD2000). This gives less distortion compared to the global average WGS84 datum commonly used.
  • Comprehensive navigational functions. GPS tracking, route planning, navigate to waypoints, compass bearings and triangulation. Searchable database of marked places.
  • Additional data overlays. Includes DOC hunting permit boundaries among other data overlays. Other tracks and data features can be imported.

Map Details

The map images used in the app are based on the 1:50k series maps (NZTopo50) produced by Land Information New Zealand (LINZ). This is the highest resolution topographic map officially produced by NZ. Height contours are on 20 m intervals. LINZ continually update the map. Updates to the NZTopo50 app are periodic.

At lower zoom levels LINZ NZTopo250 (1:250k) topographic map images are used. The total data set is about 1GB for the North Island and around 1.2GB for the South Island.

Navigation Details

No cellphone coverage is required for any features of the app. Everything works fully offline from the moment the app is installed, including viewing all the maps to full 1:50k resolution and mapping and tracking your GPS position.

Navigation features include:

  • Display your current GPS position on the map, along with data on altitude, speed, orientation, and map coordinates.
  • Record your position over time. Display your track data, export and share your tracks.
  • Import or create your own waypoints and routes.
  • Navigate to waypoints.

Get in touch with us for any other design features you would like to see incorporated. We appreciate your input.

Download here:

Or search for ‘NZTopo50’ on your App Store.